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Avelshanar - Studs

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IC Yamacatos Swedish Snowflake

Shaded silver perser, PER ns 11
ELH (Exotic LH)

Best LH Junior-kitten-baby
2 x Best Adult male
2 x CAC in WCF
4 x NOM
1 x BIV

PKD free by DNA
Born: 2012 July 30

Tack Elsy Snögren för att han fick flytta tillbaka till mig!
Thank you Elsie Snögren for giving him back to me!

Far/sire: CFA-CH Chimel´s O´Malley, EXO ny 11
Mor/dam: New Dawn´s Susanna, PER ns 12

Tidigare kattungar/Past kittens

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Silverfall Wolverine
Import from Italy

Thank you Alice Miglini, Italy, for this wonderful boy. He is my new stud, co-owned by Sara Winnerdag.

Shaded silver Perser (PER ns 11)
Shaded silver Persian

PKD free by DNA
Born: 2014, March 12

Far/Sire: GIC The Capracat´s Candy-Boy, Shaded silver persian (import Germany)
Mor/Dam: Whiteshell´s Belinda of Silverfall (import Russia)

Stamtavla - Pedigree ( Findus
Tidigare kattungar/Past kittens:

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New pics soon..

CH Winnerdays Jackpot Of Joy

Thank you Sara Vinnardag for this beautiful boy. He will hopefully be my new stud.

Shaded silver Exotic (EXO ns 11)

PKD free by DNA
Born: 2015, 10 May

Far/Sire: CH Winnerdays Big Blessing, PER ns 11
Mor/Dam: Yamacatos Golden Grain, EXO ny 11

Stamtavla - Pedigree
Tidigare kattungar/Past kittens:



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