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Gallery 1: 1978 - 1992
IC Yamacatos Silver Avanti, silvertabby

GIP Yamacatos Dottie Celebration, blue-white bicolour
Yamacatos Bluecreme Yasmine, bluecreme
EP Yamacatos Silver Riccardo, shaded silver
GIC Yamactos Silver Quality, shaded silver
GIC Yamacatos Silver Zorro, shaded silver
Yamacatos Silver Zemya, shaded silver
Yamacatos Silver Cheryl, shaded silver

Gallery 16: 2008
Yamacatos Smoke Zorro, black smoke
Yamacatos Black Afterdark, Black exotic
Yamacatos Bling-Bling, chinchilla
Yamacatos Golden Champagne, Shaded golden

Gallery 2: 1993 - 1997
Yamacatos Silver Jazzy, shaded silver
IC Yamacatos Misty Morning, shaded silver
EP Yamacatos Silver Yogi, shaded silver
IC Yamacatos Golden Unlimited, shaded golden
EC Yamacatos Silver Icegirl, chinchilla
IC Yamacatos Chin Kelly, chinchilla
EP yamacatos Diamond Dust, chinchilla
Yamacatos Noble Nova, shaded silver

Gallery 17: 2009
Earl Ellington, shaded silver
Frosty Fortuna, chinchilla
Frosty Future, chinchilla

Frosty Fellow, shaded silver
Frosty Fantom, shaded silver


Gallery 3: 1997- 1999
GIC Yamacatos Rocket Racer, shaded silver
CH Yamacatos Reaching Rainbows, shaded silver
IC Yamacatos Kenzo Kick, shaded golden
Yamacatos Kiwi Kid, chinchilla
Yamacatos kendo Kid, shaded golden
Yamacatos Karate King, shaded golden
Yamacatos Up-to-date, shaded silver
IC Yamacatos Golden Yuppieboy, tabby golden
Yamacatos Golden Yuppiegirl, tabby golden
Yamacatos Silver Yakira, shaded silver
GIC Yamacatos Cool Candy

Gallery 18: 2009
Silver Gucci,
shaded silver
Hero High, shaded silver
Honeyman Hope, shell golden Exotic
Hotkit Honey, shaded golden Exotic
Ivory Ice, chinchilla
Jewel Jetsetter, chinchilla
Jewel Jetson, shaded silver
Jewel Jazzy, chinchilla
Jewel Jive, shaded silver
Silver Kayo, shaded silver

Gallery 4: 2000 - 2001
GIC CFA*Yamacatos Zoom Zoccer of Delroba, shaded silver
Yamacatos Alice Alabaster, chinchilla
Yamacatos Golden Amorosa, shaded golden
Yamacatos Bingo Boy, tabby golden
Yamacatos Beach Boy, chinchilla
Yamacatos Bella Benita, shaded silver

Gallery 19: 2010
Yamacatos Golden Lysanda, shaded golden
Yamacatos Smoke, Lysiana, svart smoke
Yamacatos Made In Sweden, Chinchilla
Yamacatos Magic Maxx, Chinchilla
Yamacatos Magic Mario, Chinchilla
Yamacatos Nero Night, Shaded silver


Gallery 5 : 2001
Yamacatos Disco Dancer, silver tabby
Yamacatos Dixie Dancer, shaded silver
Yamacatos Golden Donna, shaded golden

Yamacatos Golden Energy, shaded golden
Yamacatos Silver Flamenco, shaded silver
Yamacatos Golden Gulliver, tabby golden
Yamacatos Silver Hallmark, chinchilla
Yamacatos Silver Halifax, chinchilla
yamacatos Silver Hester, shaded silver
Yamacatos Silver Haydee, chinchilla

Gallery 20: 2011
Yamacatos Only Ozzy, shaded silver
Yamacatos Only Opal, shaded silver
Yamacatos Only Oprah, shaded silver
Yamacatos Only Opium, shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Polar Prince, shaded silver
Yamacatos Polar Poison, shaded silver
Yamacatos Polar Picasso, Golden
Yamacatos Polar Pawlowa, shaded silver
Yamacatos Polar Primadonna, shaded silver
Yamacatos Polar Princess, Chinchilla


Gallery 6 : 2001 - 2002
Yamacatos Jaxon Jewel, shaded silver
Yamacatos Lady Luck, chinchilla
Yamacatos Silver Mario, shaded silver
Yamacatos Silver Maxine, shaded silver

Yamacatos Silver Ninja, shaded silver
Yamacatos Golden Nugget, tabby golden
Yamacatos Silver Ofelia, shaded silver

Gallery 21: 2011
Yamacatos Qute Qarate, shell golden Exotic
Yamacatos Qute Qaramelle, shaded golden Exotic
Yamacatos Qute Quickstep, shaded golden Exotic
Yamacatos Rolls Race, chinchilla Perser
Yamacatos Rolls Royce, shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Rolls Rose, shaded silver Exotic

Gallery 7: 2003 - 2004
Yamacatos Prince Presley, tabby golden
yamacatos Golden Riverdance, shaded golden
Yamacatos Summer Sorbet, chinchilla
Yamacatos Tina Turner, shaded silver

Yamacatos Silver Warrior, shaded silver
Yamacatos Golden Zandy, shaded golden
Yamacatos Golden Zimba, shaded golden
Yamacatos Zweet Zelda, shaded silver

Gallery 22: 2011
Yamacatos Swedish Snowman, Shaded silver perser
Yamacatos Swedish Snowflake, Shaded silver perser
Yamacatos Swedish Snowstorm, Chinchilla Exotic
Yamacatos Swedish Snowball, Chinchilla Exotic
Yamacatos Timetrax, Shell golden Exotic
Yamacatos Timezone, Shaded golden Exotic
Yamacatos Ufo, shaded golden Exotic
Yamacatos Ultimate, shaded golden Exotic


Gallery 8 : 2004 - 2005
Yamacatos Barbie Babe, tortie shaded silver
Yamacatos Betty Boop,
tortie shaded silver
Yamacatos Doris Day, chinchilla
Yamacatos Black Edwina, Black
Yamacatos Golden Foxstar, Shaded golden
Yamacatos Golden Fabella
, Shaded golden

Gallery 23: 2012
Yamacatos Wild Wizard, Shaded silver Perser
Yamacatos Wild Wicca, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Yo Yunior, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Yackie Yoy, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Yennie Yelena, Shaded silver Exotic

Gallery 9 : 2005
Yamacatos Gloria Glamour, Blue
Yamacatos Greta Garbo, Blue exotic
Yamacatos Black Gina, Black exotic
Yamacatos Glory Godiva,
Black smoke

Gallery 24: 2012
Yamacatos Zot Zesibon, Shaded golden Exotic
Yamacatos Zot Zorella, Shaded golden Exotic
Yamacatos Zot Zirconia, Shaded silver Exotic

Yamacatos Agent Avatar, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Agent Ariette, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Agent Albia, Shaded silver Exotic

Yamacatos Bella Bellissima, Svartsköldadd smoke Exotic

Gallery 10 : 2005
Yamacatos Golden Hakiri, Shaded golden
Yamacatos Cameo High Hope,
Shell cameo perser
Yamacatos Cameo Honeyboy,
Shell cameo perser
Yamacatos Exo Black Iglesias, Black exotic
Yamacatos Exo Smoke Iron, Black smoke exotic
Yamacatos Black Isolde, Black
Yamacatos Blue Icestorm
, Blue

 Gallery 25: 2012
Yamacatos Charming Crown, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Christal Crown, Shaded silver Perser

Yamacatos Donnez Diamante, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Doxy Diamante, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Diva Diamante, Shaded silver Exotic


Gallery 11 : 2005
Yamacatos Silver Julia, Chinchilla
Yamacatos Exo Lana Lane, Black
Smoke Lorenzo, Black smoke
Yamacatos Exo Blue Lacoste, Blue exotic
 Gallery 26: 2013
Yamacatos Extra Excellence, Shaded silver PER
Yamacatos Extra Ernesto, Shaded silver PER
Yamacatos Extra Exclusive, Shaded silver PER

Yamacatos Fairy Frost, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Fairy Fiona, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Fairy Fleur, Shaded silver Exotic
Gallery 12: 2006
Yamacatos Golden Maid, shaded golden
Ninja Nico, redtipped shaded golden
Nova Night, shaded silver
Noble Nicola, tortie shaded silver

 Gallery 27: 2013
Yamacatos Goldy Gift, Shell golden EXO
Yamacatos Goldy Grain, Shaded golden EXO

Yamacatos Harry Hilton, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Howard Hilton, Shaded silver Exotic
Yamacatos Hillary Hilton, Shaded silver Exotic

Gallery 13: 2006
Yamacatos Golden Osiris, Tabby golden
Yamacatos Golden Pago, shaded golden
Yamacatos Black Pearl, Black
Yamacatos Golden Qarat, shaded golden
Yamacatos Cameo Qarim, Shaded cameo
Yamacatos Smoke Regina, Black smoke

Gallery 28: 2013
Yamacatos Iris Idol, svart sköldpadd smoke EXO
Yamacatos Irene Idol, blåsköldpadd PER

Yamacatos Julia Jet, Shaded silver Exotic

Gallery 14: 2007
Yamacatos Blue Spring Star, Blue
Yamacatos Golden Tara, shaded golden

Yamacatos Silver Timmy, shaded silver
Yamacatos Golden Tango
Red tipped shaded golden
Yamacatos Silver Uma, shaded silver
Gallery 15: 2007
Yamacatos Silver Weronica, Shaded silver
Yamacatos Silver Woman, Shaded silver
Yamacatos Golden Yahoo, Tabby golden
Yamacatos Silver Yukiko
, shaded silver