Yamacatos Cattery is specialized in breeding of Chinchilla, Silver shaded and Golden since 1977, but I had my first persian - a blue male born in 1972. I have always considered that the elegant silvers needed more weight and type and therefore I crossed them to solids of top quality several times. Several of my cats have solids in the pedigree, but I do have some pure pedigrees too. During the last years I have decreased my cattery, but kept the best ones. I have always considered that my cats must have a nice calm temperament with lots of personality.

My cats are tested and negative to FIV and FeLV since many years, with tests every year. All new cats are tested. Most of them are tested for PKD by DNA and all will be tested in due time.

I DO NOT sell my cats to catteries with cages or outside living!

We are living just 10 km norths of Norrtälje, just about 1hour by car from Stockholm (heading north) and one hour to the airport Arlanda near Stockholm.

Here you can find the way to my home

I sell my cats with a written agreement including a health certificate, regular vaccine, dewormed, PKD-tested by DNA and registered by SVERAK - FIFe. Sweden is a Rabies-free area. Special agreements owing to country and local rules. I will not deliver too young kittens abroad (at least 4 months).

I have been a FIFe-judge since 1984.
In due time I will continue to show pictures of old cats and pedigrees. You are welcome to copy pictures and pedigrees as long as they not are marked with ©.
If you want to publish photos or articles, you must ask me for permission first, please send a mail.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my website!
See Yamacatos breeder interview, short version, in english.


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I´m living in an old mansion house, buildt about 1612. Västland was producing iron from 1612 to 1902, one of the oldest in Sweden. A really historical place. Some people believe that we have gosts! Believe it or not! I know.

Today Västland is a modern farm with cow livestock, about a dozen horses, 20 sheeps and some cats living in the barn. There are two other large buildings at the yard (photos later). They were rebuildt after the russians invasion at the Swedish coast 1719.

Captain Baltzar von Dahlheim, was saving Stockholm at a place named Stäket (known as The battle at Stäket), from the russian invasion at the same time.

The same house, buildt in the end of 1700.
The village Västland is known since 1409, runned by the catholic church. People were living here as farmers, since more than 2.000 years ago.
Photo from 1930